Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trutanich Backs Down From Jail Time Demand

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has backed down from his demand for jail time for political protesters and will comply with the policy set by his predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo, according to this report from the Los Angeles Dragnet Blog:

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Backs-Off Jail Time for Protesters

The Political Pantloads Blog portrayed Trutanich alongside Stalin and Mubarak
in reference to the erstwhile "People's Lawyer's" aggressive stance against political protesters.
 Perhaps sensing that his "aggressive stance" against political protesters isn't proving to be a winning strategy with Los Angelenos, stealth DA candidate Carmen Trutanich appears to be backing-off his jail time demands. In a breakfast drive time interview with KABC AM790's Peter Tilden, Trutanich sounded subdued, distracted and perhaps even despondent as he was drilled by his one-time BFF and DUI Marijuana guinea pig over his jail time demands.

As both Tilden and co-host Teressa Strasser railed on Trutanich expressing their incredulity at his jail time demands, Trutanich suddenly said "There's not going to be any time!"

Perhaps Trutanich should have made his volte face clear to his other BFF, LA Times columnist Steve Lopez, who once again blasted Trutanich over his mishandling of this event.

Trutanich is believed to have retained the services of campaign strategist John Shallman for his stealth campaign to become DA in 2012. Perhaps Trutanich should pay closer attention to the advice of experts, but then again, leopards don't change their spots.

There is little doubt that Trutanich will have to admit defeat over his micro-management of "Political ProtesterGate," and give the protesters the fine and infraction that was the practice established by his predecessor Rocky Delgadillo for over enthusiastic protesters with otherwise unblemished records.

Regardless of when and how Trutanich backs-down from his jail time demands, the damage to Trutanich's political aspirations appears to be significant. Doubts are now being cast as to Trutanich's veracity over his claims that there were "professional protesters" and that an ambulance was prevented from accessing a hospital during the protest. Memories of the Micheal Jackson memorial "criminal aspects" investigation come to mind.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Trutanich's Totalitarianism Tackles Troublemakers

Stalin, Mubarak & Trutanich
Past, present & future tyrant-bullies?

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is taking an "aggressive stance" against political protesters, according to reports in the blogs (Street-Hassle and LA Dragnet) as well as the mainstream media, notably the Los Angeles Times.

Validating criticisms that he is a bully and a micro-manager, according to the LA Times, Trutanich has taken control of the prosecution of the political protesters and overturned his Office's established procedures in dealing with those who express their 1st Amendment rights a little too vocally.

Political protesters will face a year in jail under what seems to be Trutanich's notion of the fair exercise of prosecutorial discretion, a move that has angered all but a small group of Los Angelenos who support Trutanich's regime and are opposed to the Dream Act.

Some will find Trutanich's decision to take away the decision on how to handle political protesters from career prosecutors and into the hands of political followers, troubling. While Trutanich has been criticized in the past for his limited knowledge of law, it seems he has learned well the ways of tyrants who stifle free speech with draconian laws.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carmen Trutanich Makes Fool Of Himself - Again

Excellent report at the Los Angeles Dragnet, of Carmen the Clown Trutanich's "Kayne West" moment when he disrupted the South East District Bar Association awards dinner on Saturday, January 29, 2011.

Apparently Carmen the Clown must have felt slighted because he was not named on the award program, was not seated at a VIP table, and was not invited to speak.

The Clown nevertheless interrupted a presentation being given to Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo for being SEDBA's "Attorney of the Year" and bullied his way to the podium, grabbed the mic and proceeded to make an even bigger fool of himself.

Here's the report from LA Dragnet:

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Carmen "the Clown" Trutanich (Photo Credit: LA Dragnet & TRU is False)

Cooley was just about to present Trujillo with his award; to the shock of the audience City Attorney Carmen Trutanich interrupted the proceedings.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" screamed Trutanich as he forged his way to the podium and grabbed center stage. Trutanich, who had arrived at the awards dinner late and was not listed as a speaker, had been confined to a table in the far corner of the room as the capacity crowd were already seated. He had been observed craning his neck around the room, perhaps looking for a better seating position.

Suddenly Trutanich was on his feet armed with an fistful of calligraphic scrolls, and was not going to be stopped. In what appeared to many as something of a "Kayne West - Taylor Swift" moment, Trutanich proceeded to give his own impromptu speech recognizing the achievements of not only Mario Trujillo, but the other honorees who had not yet even been introduced.

Judging by reports of the audience's reaction, this was not a welcome interruption, and Trutanich's excuse that he had interrupt because he had leave early to catch a plane to DC, was singularly unimpressive. He could have been flying to Idaho for all anyone seemed to care, "and the sooner the better" was how one of the guests summed up this fiasco.

As Trutanich left the room, perhaps DC bound, perhaps not, few had any doubts as to Trutanich's true motive, and if he had previously enjoyed the support of the South East District Bar Association, those days now appear to be over.

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Some are speculating that the once popular City Attorney felt the need to make a public appearance with Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley as rumors are rife that the pair are not on speaking terms. Indeed, the LA Weekly yesterday reported that the Clown felt forced to "break the rules" at a San Pedro eatery to make a public announcement - perhaps intended to assure his support base that he's still an important person and Cooley is his BFF.

Trutanich swept into Los Angeles City Hall on the crest of a wave of "I'm a prosecutor not a politician"propaganda. His recent antics and abysmal failure over the Michael Jackson 'criminal aspects' debacle, leave little doubt that he is very much a politician, and not so much a prosecutor.