Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Controversy Over Trutanich Campaign - Deception, Deceit and Duplicity Alleged

On April 14, 2011, a select group of individuals received an email plea from Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, urging recipients to persuade Carmen Trutanich to run for District Attorney. We previously pointed out the obvious flaws with Truanich's "crass and facile attempt"  to get himself off the hook from his campaign promise not to run for DA.

The Los Angeles Dragnet has exclusive news about Trutanich and has revealed the true extent of what the Los Angeles Dragnet calls "Deception Deceit and Duplicity" by Trutanich.

The Dragnet's claims center on allegations that Trutanich orchestrated the creation of the website, and as proof the Dragnet offers two pieces of evidence.

Records obtained by Dragnet shows that the phony website was set up three months before Sheriff Baca was fooled into signing off on what he thought was a genuine attempt by well-meaning law enforcement personnel to encourage Trutanich to run for District Attorney. Dragnet claims that the person who set up the website, Jim Royer, is a "close associate" of Trutanich.

Dragnet also displays photographs from Trutanich's secret Flickr file-sharing account that were used on the phony website. Proof, the Dragnet says, that Trutanich was behind the entire deception from the get go.

Read the full exclusive news about Trutanich and his website at the Los Angeles Dragnet.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trutanich Launches Campaign For DA

City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich has launched his campaign to become District Attorney, code named 'TRU in 12.'

The campaign is dressed up as a plea from Sheriff Lee Baca to sign a petition at the website to try to 'persuade' the Clown to run for DA. This gets a major Political BS Threat Alert on our warning system.

Political Pantloads received the email plea from Sheriff Lee Baca
at 6PM today, as part of an email blast.

The use of Sheriff Baca to pretend to be making a plea to try to persuade Trutanich to go back on his sworn promise to serve a full first term as City Attorney, is a crass and facile attempt to get Trutanich off the hook from that promise.

Expect Trutanich feign shock and surprise and say something banal like "Aw shucks, well I guess I just have no choice but to run for DA if THE SHERIFF tell me to, ha ha ha." followed by "I am humbled an honored blah blah blah."

Frankly, we would have expected Trutanich's campaign strategist John Shallman, to come up with something better, but he can only work with the material he's got and has to counter the hailstorm of criticism and accusations of being a liar and a career politician that the opponents will use relentlessly.

Trutanich's announcement is no surprise, the Clown more or less leaked it last week at a luncheon for the Studio City Chamber of Commerce when he said he was looking for a storefront on Ventura Blvd. for his DA campaign HQ - likely to be the same Mort Allen owned pole-dancing studio that the Clown used for his TRU '09 City Attorney Campaign.

So what will the TRU in 12 campaign look like? Here's our suggestion:

Our prediction of the likely themes in the 'TRU in 12' campaign; strong law and order
mixed with self-deprecating humor over his major missteps. 

As well as having Sheriff Baca endorsing him, Trutanich is rumored to have secured the endorsement of  Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Krekorian, who has made no secret of his interest in taking out Trutanich. In fact, expect to see the entire City Council endorsing Trutanich - they are so keen to get him out of City Hall.

One endorsement that Trutanich is unlikely to get will be that of Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, who may just be persuaded to abandon his retirement plans to prevent Trutanich from wreaking havoc at the DA's Office.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be interesting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Political Pantloads Launches Political Threat Alert System

Carmen Trutanich's political campaigns will serve as the testbed for a revolutionary early warning system designed to monitor the threat level of bullshit from his campaigns.

Voters will enjoy an enhanced sense of security through the
Political Pantloads BS Threat Advisory System 
With 2012 elections just around the corner, Political Pantloads has taken the bold step of introducing a revolutionary warning system to alert voters to the threat level of political bullshit they can expect from the various campaigns.

Following the best practices employed by Homeland Security and the TSA, the "BSTAS" will initially only monitor Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, as most agree that he is likely to display toxic levels of BS as he massages his joint campaigns for District Attorney, City Attorney and Mayor.

If successful, Political Pantloads will expand BSTAS to cover other suspected political bullshit threats, however, early indications suggest that the highest risk (Trutanich) will fully occupy our computer systems until a major upgrade is available.

Today's Trutanich BS Treat Level is "Severe," the default setting.