Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trutanich's Run for DA Strains Relationships

Once joined at the hip, the dynamic duo of Cooley & Trutanich is said to be over.
Speculation in the LA Times and elsewhere that Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will run for District Attorney in 2012 is said to have destroyed the close relationship between Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and Trutanich.

Cooley had campaigned heavily to help Trutanich win the 2009 City Attorney election and considered Trutanich a good candidate for City Hall. However, when Cooley ran for Attorney General in the November 2010 mid terms, Cooley did not consider Trutanich as a possible replacement.

Trutanich had publicly promised not to run for District Attorney until at least the completion of his first term (2013), and perhaps the only way that Trutanich could possibly have been released from that promise would be if Cooley had won the AG race, and then be asked, either by Cooley or the Board of Supervisors, to fill the role of DA on an interim basis for the balance of Cooley's term.

That became a moot point when Cooley conceded the AG race after narrowly losing to Kamala Harris. However, Trutanich's ambition to become "The DA" and thus avoid the growing backlash of discontentment with his imperious leadership of the City Attorney's Office, has not been diminished.

Trutanich must have felt slighted when Cooley told the press that he believed Trutanich still had a job to finish at the City Attorney's Office, and could not run. Cooley also mentioned Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson as "well qualified" for the job, implying that Trutanich was unfit to handle the responsibility of managing over 1,000 attorneys, 2,000 support staff, and 260 investigators. Many would agree with Cooley.

It is understood that Jackson has retained John Thomas as campaign manager, however the rumor mill has it that when Lacey sought the services of John Shallman, who has long worked on campaigns for Cooley and more recently at Cooley's request for Trutanich's City Attorney bid, Shallman indicated that he was committed to Trutanich.
Campaign manager John Shallman is said to be already committed to
Carmen Trutanich's campaign to run for District Attorney in 2012.
Shallman will have his hands full fielding Trutanich for DA. Apart from overcoming the lack of support from Cooley, Shallman will somehow have to explain how anyone can trust the word of Trutanich when he is openly reneging on a sworn promise to fulfill a full first term as City Attorney and to seek a second term. It seems that Trutanich will have to abandon his 2009 motto "I'm a prosecutor, not a politician," when he officially announces the worst kept secret in LA.


Anonymous said...

Yawn, this is old news. This blog sounds just like the other anti-republican blog. All you do is bitch moan and whine about the only politician who will save Los Angeles from degenerating into a 3rd world city run by illegal aliens and their lousy Latino gangs. Trutanich, Zine and Mitch Englander are the only decent people in the City, and American citizens admire them for what they do for decent folks. The rest of you aren't fit to lick their feet. In 2012 Trutanich will win DA because he's the last hope to save this city. Blog all the dirt you want, enough decent people know what's right.

Anonymous said...

Miles Moron is an escapee from a mental institution!

Anonymous said...

This blog is a political pantload.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. There's someone who's not afraid to speak out about the pantloads in city hall, and the first 3 comments are hit pieces. I guess it true that all these career politicos have staffers who spend their days checking the blogs to see what's being said about their bosses. Must be a shock to see Trutanich being called a lying pantload, but that's too bad.

Good luck running for DA Noooch, in fact, good luck running for anything.

Anonymous said...

Which one is the pantload - Cooley or Trutanich?

Anonymous said...

This is obviously another attack blog aimed at Trutanich. You people are spinning your wheels if you think you can hurt Trutanich with blogs and your nasty comments every time he's mentioned in the LA Times or LA Weekly - we've seen the comments and they're all the same. Come election time, nobody will care, people will vote for Trutanich because he is the only one who gets down and dirty with the criminal elements who are destroying our way of life.