Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Councilmember Huizar Comes Under Fire in CD14

"Don't dump on me!" is probably the message Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar is sending as the embattled incumbent is coming under fire for "List-Gate," a scandal that broke last week on the Mayor Sam Blog and the LA Times.

Huizar's main opponent, Rudy Martinez, must be overjoyed at the dual scandals of List-Gate, where Huizar allegedly maintained graded lists of supporters, and CLARTS-Gate, a scandal surrounding alleged misuse of funds.

The March 8, 2011 election is drawing close and Huizar is looking vulnerable. It's rare, but not unprecedented for an incumbent to be unseated, but Huizar could be using the scandals to shake loose that all important IE from organized labor. Watch, wait and see....

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