Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Critics Claim Covert Clown Campaigning

Although he's denied that he's running for District Attorney publicly, the Los Angeles Dragnet Blog continues to insist that Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is running a stealth campaign to become LA's next District Attorney.

We take a humorous view of what Carmen the Clown's campaign might look like:


Anonymous said...

That clown holding the sign is David Berger, known around town as "Boogers Berger" Thinks he's important but he snot.

Anonymous said...

Berger's just a shill for Trutanich, they're "best buddies" and all that crap. He said that he left the City Attorney's office to "pave the way" for his cigar smoking BFF, but everyone at the City knew he was fired for blogging and fundraising when he should have been working. No wonder the City of LA is bankrupt if they pay assholes like Boogger Berger.

Anonymous said...

Others who are running stealth campaigns:

Mario the Turd Turdjillo
Alan Jack-ass
Jackie Lazy
Boogers Berger

Anonymous said...

The clown has some real competition now according to the Dragnet, as Democrat front-runner Jackie Lacey just was promoted to Chief Deputy District Attorney.

That's better than an endorsement!

Anonymous said...

That crap doesn't fool anybody. Either he endorses her campaign or he doesn't.

The promotion looks like a consolation prize for not endorsing her.

Anonymous said...

10:10PM Consolation prize? Yeah right.

Like the comment at Dragnet:

"As for endorsements, gimme a break. Being promoted to Chief Deputy is a de facto endorsement as well as a very clever strategy. If Cooley resigns or retires 9 months before the election, Lacey becomes District Attorney automatically for the last 9 months of his term. Now, how about a ballot designation of "District Attorney" for Lacey? Who needs a freekin endorsement then?"

You can try to spin it as a negative for Lacey, but you can also try to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. This is huge for Lacey, and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of Trutanich's campaign! I had forgotten about Trutanich's yard signs - always wondered about the red star in the middle. Guess it was a Soviet Star in honor of Stalin, one of Noooch's political inspirations.