Saturday, October 15, 2011

Los Angeles City Attorney Trutanich accused of 'Extortion'

The Los Angeles Dragnet is reporting that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has been accused of 'extortion' in court papers filed on behalf of a contractor allegedly threatened with jail unless a cash settlement is offered in civil case.

"Pay up and stay out of jail" is the allegation made against Trutanich

According to the Dragnet, Trutanich has been pursuing parallel criminal and civil cases against billboard companies, and offering to drop criminal cases if large cash payments are made. That's 'extortion' according to Century City lawyers Salerno & Associates who represent one of Trutanich's alleged 'extortion' victims.

 Recently Trutanich received a $4M settlement from CBS Outdoor and then tried to divert half of the $2M to a political ally.

More at the Los Angeles Dragnet.

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